Network Interface Card for FireNET, FireNET Plus

The FN-4127-NIC Network Interface Card allows for the expansion of up to 64 nodes (combination of FACP’s or annuciators) on a single FireNET network wide system. Using the Loop Explorer configuration software up to 64 nodes can be programmed to respond to in a variety ways-independently or system wide. The flexibility extends the comprehensive cause and effect programming capability to the entire network allowing actions to be started from any point. The network communication protocol has been designed to be extremely tolerant to interference and data corruption. The simple 2 wire loop connection makes for ease during installation.

• Allows for the expansion of up to 64 panels on a FireNET system

• Enables information to be transmitted between control panels

• Network protocol designed for tolerance to interference and data corruption

• Each card configured to a unique address through use of a dipswitch

• Transmission distance of up to 4,000 ft.

• Uses standard type Belden cable suitable for RS-485 applications

• Simple 2-wire loop connection

• Flexible configuration options

• Network wide Cause & Effect logic

• Fully secure against short or open conditions

Supply Voltage 24 VDC Nominal
Quiescent Current Consumption 20mA
Cable Length 4,000ft Max.
Cable Type Belden 9271, Belden 9860
Protocol RS-485
Address Setting Dipswitch
Operating Temperature 32F~120F
Operating Humidity 90%RH


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