FireNET Plus Control Panel

The FireNET™ Plus 1127 series control panel is an analog addressable fire alarm panel with build options containing 1 or 2 SLC loops, a Digital Alarm Communicator/ Transmitter (DACT), and an RS-485 bus for network communication.

Each SLC loop supports 127 devices of any combination (sensors or modules), and 127 analog sounder bases, for a possible total of 254 points per loop.

Communication between devices is accomplished by use of standard cable (shielded or twisted pair is not required).

Each panel includes a 4-amp power supply and has 2 onboard NAC circuits.

The RS-485 bus provides communication to the panel network while another RS-485 bus provides communication for peripheral devices.

The RS-232 interface allows the convenience of programming via a PC.

The system will support a variety of Hochiki devices; photo, ion and heat sensors, which contain a unique, patented sensor design incorporating automatic drift compensation and day/night sensitivity modes. Additional devices include contact monitors, relay controllers, supervised auxiliary output and short circuit isolator modules. In addition, interfaces to conventional detection systems can be established by using a conventional zonemonitoring module.

The Loop Explorer Windows® Software interface provides the installer with fingertip access to installation programming and diagnostic tools. An Auto Learn feature offers the convenience for quick start applications. Add to this a reputation for high quality and dedicated service which makes this an exceptional product both in performance and value.

• Analog design using Hochiki’s advanced DCP protocol for fast communication

• Up to 127 sensors & modules, plus 127 analog sounder bases, for a total of 254 points possible per loop

• Uses standard wire, no-shielded or twisted pair required on SLC loops

• Integrated digital alarm communicator (DACT) with Contact ID and SIA reporting formats

• Programmable sensitivity levels by device • Alarm Verification feature

• Automatic daily calibration & drift compensation routine

• Large 8-line x 40-character LCD display (320 char.)

• 1 or 2 loop (option)

• RS-485 bus for panel network (option)

• Built-in RS-232 interface for programming via a PC

• 3 on board programmable Form C relays rated at 1 amp at 30VDC

• 2 auxiliary power outputs, each rated 360mA at 24 VDC

• Loop Explorer Windows® configuration utility

• Auto-learn feature

• 500 network wide software zones

• Network Capability of up to 64 panels (option)

• Built in help and alarm information screens

• 2 on-board Class B (style Y) NAC circuits rated at 2.3 amps each (Special Application) and 1.6 amps each (Regulated continuous)

• Gentex, System Sensor, Wheelock, and Amseco NAC sync protocol built-in

• Automatic day/night sensitivity modes

• Fire Drill test function

• Walk Test function

• Powerful & versatile Cause & Effect wizard including: *Cause & Effect action *Disable function configuration *Test mode configuration

Primary AC 120VAC @ 2.1 Amps 50/60hz or 220VAC @ 1.1Amps 50/60hz
Output DC 24VDC @ 5.25 Amps
Power Supply 4 Amp integrated
Charger Current 1.25 Amps max
Dimensions 14.5" W x 19" H x 3.5" D
Weight 20 lbs. (without batteries)
Color Red (optional gray)
Material ABS/steel enclosure
Display 8 line x 40 character LCD (320 characters total)
Network Dual RS485 ports (64 panels max.)
Zones 500 network wide software zones per system
SLC loops 1 or 2 (class A, "style 6 or 7" or class B, "style 4")
Devices per loop 127 sensors & modules, plus 127 analog sounder bases, 254 total
Addresses per panel (800 addresses+sub-addresses max. per panel)
NAC Outputs (4) 2.5 Amps @ 24VDC (class B)
Relay Outputs (5) Form C 1 Amp @ 30VDC
Voltage Outputs (3) 500mA @ 24VDC
Aux. Power 500mA @ 24VDC
Aux. Inputs (8) digital pull downs
PC Port / Printer RS232
Operating Temp.  32°F (0°C) 120°F (49°C)
Relative Humidity 85% RH Non-Condsensing


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