16 Channel Input/Output Board

The FireNET FN-4127-IO is a 16 channel Input/Output board that provides powerful input/output expansion & addition to the FireNET system allowing up to thirty two I/O boards to be connected to each FireNET panel within the FireNET network. Every I/O board connected to any panel is available to the entire network, which allows for network wide input/output mapping. Typical uses include graphical LED map displays/annunciators, tabular LED zone display/ annunciators, input/output logic to & from the fire system for secondary use (I/O board points cannot be used for primary fire initiation inputs or notification outputs) such as access control, burglar, CCTV, intercom, voice, or other 3rd party systems. Each channel can be configured to produce a variety of input actions or respond to a variety of output categories or logic. All channels can trigger, or react from, network wide cause and effect logic depending on their configuration. The flexibility of these boards is further enhanced by the fact that each of the channels is configurable as either an input or an output. Connection can be achieved through a simple two wire RS485 communications protocol and two wire power input. I/O boards can be mounted locally in the control panel or distributed on a bus up to 4,000ft from the panel when using the FN-ACC accessory enclosure.

  • 16 channels of input/output points.
  • 32 I/O boards per FireNET panel (512 channels of input/output points).
  • Each channel configurable as input or output point.
  • Inputs are opto-isolated non-supervised pulldown type triggered.
  • Outputs are open collector transistor pulldown type (100mA max each).
  • Simple 4 wire connection to control panel (2 for power, 2 for data).
  • All inputs/outputs can be assigned to global functions, any event category, and used in network wide.
  • Cause & Effect logic.
  • Can be mounted locally within control panel enclosure or remotely via FN-ACC accessory enclosure up to 4000ft from the panel.
  • Each I/O board has a unique address 1-32 (set via DIP switch) on the I/O.
  • Comms Bus Input/Outputs are for secondary use, not for primary fire initiation inputs or notification outputs.
  • Two LED's are provided for communication status
Supply Voltage 24 VDC Nominal
Channels (16) total per I/O board (each configurable as input or output)
I/O Comms Bus Up to (32) expansion boards
Quiescent Current 20mA
Current per input 3mA max.
Current per output 100mA max. (*within overall limits)
*Current per bank of 8 outputs 500mA max. (for banks 1-8 & 9-16)
*Current per I/O board 1A max.
Communications RS485 two wire
Max Distance from panel 4,000 ft. (depends on method & wire size used for input power).
Cable Capacity 12 AWG max.
Indicators (2) LED's for communication status
Size 7.5" L x 2.4" W


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